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Thinking about hiring
a business coach?

Let’s start by thinking back to when you first started your business!

Where you optimistic about the future?

Did you have plans to be financially independent? To earn a great income?

Did you think you would have more time to do the things that you enjoyed?

Are you working harder now than ever before?

Do you ever wish you had somebody to bounce ideas off that could help burden the load?

Every business owner at some stage of their journey has said YES to one, or all of the questions above.

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So what
is Coaching?

One on one Coaching is a personalised relationship between a ‘coach’ and an ‘individual’ that is customised to suit an individual's strengths, weaknesses, values, beliefs and goals. It is not about a ‘one size fits all’ approach where you are force fed information that is ‘useful’ but impractical to implement or is ill-timed and doesn’t fit with what needs to be done now.

Our One on One Mentoring Programmes

Our one on one Mentoring Programmes have been designed to uncover the truth about ‘why’ things are the way they are and ‘how’ to implement the changes required to give individuals their desired results.​

The coaching relationship

In order to be suitable for one of our Coaching Programmes you need to be open, honest and ready to play above the line.

Take Ownership

For everything that happens in your life and Business. You must be ready to share important information with your coach regarding your goals and dreams as well as your fears and mistakes, as these are the things that are holding you back. Our coaches are trained and experienced in evaluating what is important and working with you in pushing you outside of your comfort zone with understanding and support.

Take Responsibility

Being the owner of your business, you are inevitably responsible for everything that happens in your life. The decisions and actions you either take or don’t take will have a profound effect depending on whether or not they were made on ‘emotion, in the spur of the moment’ or ‘educated, planned and part of larger strategy’. It is our coaches responsibility to be the sounding board you need to bring clarity and certainty to your day to day life.

Allow Accountability

Coaching’s effectiveness relies on accountability, which is also a main source of resistance to coaching for many owners. You have to be willing to receive feedback from your coach and from others, even if it is not what you want to hear. A coaching relationship is built on trust and respect and it is our job to know you even better than you know yourself. Coaching provides the pathway to self awareness, happiness and freedom.

Make an impact and create something awesome

Shayne is an amazing man, a rock solid leader and Business Coaching professional who stops at nothing. His commitment to the client is over and above what you pay for and his results driven action method is all but short of brilliant... You can be sure that one simple Business Coaching session with Shayne will have you back on your feet jumping for results.

Rawson Verco and I have worked closely with Jodie for 7 years, producing successful tools for our clients. Her high care, empathy, and results-oriented focus have led to our clients attaining comfort and wealth in their lives and business. Our clients have enjoyed their work knowing that they have a well experienced person supporting them along their journey. We highly recommend Jodie's business coaching model to clients needing mentor support.

Shayne is an exceptional individual for business development and strategic planning, with over a decade of invaluable contribution to my company's success. His leadership, integrity, and unwavering support have propelled us to new heights, making him the ideal choice for those aspiring to surpass their current achievements.

SA Business Coaching has turned out to be a god send to our business helping to free up time, implementing procedures to help make us more efficient, productive and more importantly, more profitable.

Jodie has been a coach for us for 18 months and has helped me develop my business immensely. I didn't understand what I was missing until she started helping me. My goals were met quickly - I had been fighting a loan for 9 years, but in 8 months we paid it off! Since then, we doubled the size of the business, went from 4 to 11 staff, quadrupled turnover and I have financial freedom. Working with Jodie has changed my life!

Shayne was my business coach for several years and had a massive outcome on my profit, turnover and mindset. He became an integral part of my team. I highly recommend Shayne

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